residential murals

Below are several residential mural projects.

R Buddha final.jpg
Venus mural.jpg


I painted this reclining figure in a bold chiaroscuro style before adding translucent colored bands in spice tones and an antiquing glaze for an aged effect.





A dramatic effect in a master bedroom, this mural features a monochromatic rendering of a sculptural goddess.

Goldfish mural.jpg

dining room

This graphic mural is composed of metallic koi fish, bright red flowers, and swirling bubbles set against an eggplant and rust background with a linen effect for textural interest.

Mural:dng rm:final.jpg

psyche & cupid

This mural was my rendition of the famous sculpture in the Louvre. It fills a space adjacent to a small office nook.








This project involved an inset wall in a dining room. The color palette was reds, hot pinks, and purples. I chose a combination of stencils and freehand forms to create a vibrant feature wall reminiscent of the Moulin Rouge.